MBP Series F5000 PVC/PTFE tube Variable Area Flowmeter with transmitter

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INS-DS-0297 MPB SERIES F5000 Transmitting Flowmeter

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The MPB F5000 Transmitting Flow Meter from HMA Instrumentation has been designed to meet demanding applications where corrosion problems arise at relatively high pressures, and where a local display and a transmitted signal are required.

While having a range of standard flow rates, the MPB F5000 Transmitting Flow Meter from HMA Instrumentation can be used for almost any liquid or gas process. The materials of construction will assist the designer in selecting a flow transmitter compatible with the process medium at hand.

The MPB F5000 Transmitting Flow Meter from HMA Instrumentation is ideal for requirements in the water, chemical and processing industries. The output from the MPB F5000 is 4 to 20 mA. This is also displayed in whatever engineering units are required by a simple adjustment to the meter-mounted display unit.

The LCD display is easily programmable for setting of flow range, with a lockable front panel to prevent unauthorised access with backlight capability. Loss of power does not affect calibration, as all settings are retained for at least five years after power loss or disconnection.
Features include:

  • Loop powered 4 to 20 mA transmitting signal output
  • RPVC construction
  • Standard and customised flow scales
  • 250 mm standard length
  • Certification EE x IA ii t6
  • Flanged or screw connections available
  • Digital display of the flow rate
  • Robust design
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Highly-visible LCD display
  • IP 65 rating