MBP Series 630 & 1000 Glass tube Variable Area Flowmeter

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INS-DS-0294 MPB SERIES 630 & 1000 Variable Area Flowmeters

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The MPB Series 630 and 1000 range of Variable Area Flow Meters from HMA Instrumentation are suitable for measuring the instantaneous flow rate of virtually any process liquid or gas. The principle of operation of the variable area flow meter is quite simple: The height attained by the float in its tapered flow tube is directly related to a calibrated scale. The flow should be read from the centre of the ball, or from the top of the plumb bob float.

The MPB range of flow meters from HMA Instrumentation offers very low measurement capability down to 2-20cc/min (air). The Series 630 and 1000 flow meters have rear facing connections as standard. The instruments are supplied complete with 2 x M3 mounting studs x 10 mm long.

Typical applications include analytical instrumentation, gas flow control, small dosing systems, purge metering, leak detection and blending systems. Typical industries served include brewing, gas analysis, pharmaceutical, aerospace, engine testing, paper, water treatment, oil and gas, etc.

Features include:

  • Ideal for high temperature and high velocity steam
  • Power generation: Steam applications
  • Industrial: HVAC, district energy management
  • Commercial: Building, campus and facility energy management
  • Oil and gas: Allocation of natural gas
  • Petrochemical: Mass balancing, reaction processes, heating
  • Easy on-site tube removal
  • Valved or non-valved versions
  • Rear-facing connections as standard
  • Polycarbonate safety cover
  • Rear-of-panel mounting kits available
  • Long service life
  • Alarm versions available upon request