MBP Series 3500 Rotameters Glass tube Variable Area Flowmeter

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INS-DS-0295 MPB SERIES 3500 Variable Area Flowmeter

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The MPB Series 3500 range of Variable Area Flow Meters from HMA Instrumentation offers an excellent means of instantaneous flow rate measurement. The materials of construction offer compatibility with a wide range of industrial process mediums.

The MPB Series 3500 range of Variable Area Flow Meters from HMA Instrumentation can be fitted with Hi and Lo latching alarms. The end connections can be supplied in stainless steel or rigid PVC. The units are fitted with a calibrated scale. A metric scale of 170 mm is permanently fired on the tube. A useful blank scale plate can also be provided for customers’ own calibration requirements. The MPB Series 3500 from HMA Instrumentation can be used to measure the flow rate of most process gases and liquids. Ranges up to 250 litres/min of water (or 7 500 litres/min air @ 1 013 mbar at 20°C) are supplied as standard.

An economical latching alarm device is also available, allowing the alarm to remain activated while the flow is above or below a certain set point. This reduces expensive electronic circuitry, and is ideal for remote and process control applications.

Features include:

  • Direct reading of instantaneous flow rates
  • Economical latching alarm(s)
  • Polycarbonate safety cover
  • Metric scales
  • PVC or stainless steel connections are available as standard
  • Tube assembly easily removed and replaced on-site
  • Can be supplied with flanges
  • Plain scale plate for customer calibration can be supplied
  • Wide range of standard flow rates
  • Lightweight construction
  • Robust design
  • Guided floats are used on all ranges giving a stable reading
  • Rear-of-panel mounting kit
  • Supplied complete with bezel and all mounting accessories

Straight through or panel mounting