MBP Series 1200 Rotameters Glass tube Variable Area Flowmeter

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INS-DS-0135 MPB Series 1200 Flowmeter

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The MPB Series 1200 range of Variable Area Flowmeters from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is produced in three standard sizes. These are mounted normally on the front of the panel, but they can also be rear-panel mounted, and supplied complete with a bezel and mounting kit.

Three versions are available: 1200 Long, which has a flow tube length of 295 mm, for use where high-resolution scale accuracy is required; 1200 Standard, which has a flow tube length of 138 mm; and 1200 Compact, which has a flow tube length of 93 mm, and is used where space is at a premium. The 1200 Series from HMA INSTRUMENTATION gives an instantaneous flow rate of virtually any process gas or liquid. It can be supplied with either nickel-plated brass, anodised aluminium alloy, or stainless steel connections. These can be supplied with straight-through or rear-facing connections, with or without integral control valves.