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INS-DS-0357 Plexus PowerNet
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Australia Tel: +61 (0)3 8720 6700
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Maestro Digital Mine has partnered with HMA Group, to provide their cutting-edge digital solutions for the mining industry. Together, we are committed to revolutionizing mining operations by offering innovative technologies that enhance safety and efficiency.

As a Channel Partner, HMA Group promotes and distributes Maestro Digital Mine’s comprehensive range of products and services. One of the key offerings is the Vigilante AQS (Air Quality Station), a real-time monitoring system designed specifically for underground mines. With features like continuous air quality monitoring and instant alerts, this solution ensures the well-being of miners by enabling proactive risk management.

Another notable product is the Plexus PowerNet, an underground Ethernet network that facilitates reliable and efficient communication between various mining systems and devices. This robust network infrastructure is specifically engineered to withstand the harsh conditions commonly encountered in mining operations.

Maestro Digital Mine also offers MaestroLink™ Server, which is a networked based, software platform that features a multi-instance web-based interface to monitor and record the health of Vigilante AQS™ and Zephyr AQS™ air quality monitoring stations and the Plexus PowerNet™ “last mile” underground communication networks. Maestro’s digital IIoT digital devices provide multi-variable data, but also a complete suite of diagnostic data bits.

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