Loop Powered Process Indicator (FM4)

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INS-DS-112 FM4

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The FM4 Process Indicator from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is field-mounted indicator that is rugged, weatherproof, and tested to withstand severe climatic and operating conditions such as those found on offshore oil and gas installations or exposed process plants. The FM4 utilises the 240° ‘Premier’ movement. This proven movement system is manufactured using high-quality precision components and automated production. This gives the movement system its inherent reliability, linearity, and accuracy.

The FM4 from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is manufactured to the most rigorous standards, in line with SIRA Certification and ISO 9001 and ATEX quality requirements. It holds both intrinsically safe and nL type certification. Easy-to-read analogue indication gives a steady reading level and rate of change at a glance. The FM4 is simple to install, with a maintenance-free weatherproof case. It is individually calibrated and scaled to customer requirements. The FM4 is suitable for both safe and hazardous area applications such as petrochemical process plants, offshore oil and gas platforms, and water treatment sites for monitoring flow, level, volume, pressure, and temperature.