Kurz Series 524FTB-UHP Ultra High Purity Insertion Thermal Mass Flowmeter

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INS-DS-0288 Kurtz 524FTB Ultra High Purity

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The Kurz Ultra-High Purity (UHP) in-line flow meter from HMA Instrumentation includes the qualities and features found in all Kurz constant temperature thermal flow meters that make them outperform all other thermal mass flow meters available currently, including:

  • The highest available repeatability, accuracy and reliability
  • The fastest response to temperature and velocity changes in the industry
  • Constant temperature anemometer: The sensor signal increases with increased flow
  • Continuous self-monitoring electronics verify the integrity of the sensor wiring and measurements
  • The sensor does not overheat at zero flow thanks to a patented constant-temperature control method and power-limiting design
  • Sensor lead length independent circuitry
  • Zero velocity as a valid data point
  • Completely field configurable using the flow meter user interface or via a computer connection
  • Velocity-temperature mapping for a wide-ranging velocity and temperature range
  • Patented digital sensor control circuit

The Kurz Ultra-High Purity (UHP) in-line flow meter from HMA Instrumentation offers:

  • A high turn-down ratio
  • Flexibility with transmitter-attached or transmitter-separate designs
  • A variety of supported pipe sizes: 1/4″”, 3/8″”, 1/2″”, 3/4″”, 1″”, 11/2″” and 2°
  • Low flow noise
  • High-pressure gas flow measurements
  • Measurement of ultra-high purity gases in ultra-clean processes

Kurz Instruments is dedicated to manufacturing and marketing the best thermal mass flow meters available, and to support its customers in their efforts to improve their businesses.