The Kurz Series 454FTB Thermal Mass Flowmeter from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is the premier single-point insertion instrument for industrial gas flow measurements. The insertion-style design means the meter can be incorporated into existing duct or pipe configurations, from dosing lines and fuel gas feed lines to aeration lines, and large stacks and flare gases. The patented design supports temperatures up to 500°C. The sleek sensor support design virtually eliminates pressure drop in the flow stream.

The rugged design of the Kurz Series 454FTB from HMA INSTRUMENTATION means it is built for demanding environments, including chemical and petrochemical processing, power, wastewater, pulp and paper mills, cement, and nuclear. It is best suited for any application where durability, accuracy, and repeatability are required, such as combustion control, greenhouse gas emissions, air sampling, or stack and flare monitoring.