The Kurz Series 2440 portable flow meters from HMA Instrumentation provide air flow measurements in mass, volume, and velocity. It is designed for measuring ducts, pipes, stacks, vents, on-site calibrations, and airflow traverses. Models range from lab-grade to industrial high heat.
Features include:

  • The highest repeatability, accuracy, and reliability available
  • The fastest response to temperature and velocity changes in the industry
  • Constant temperature thermal technology
  • Excellent sensitivity to low velocities
  • Insensitive to dirt and particulates in the flow stream
  • Insensitive to installation angle
  • 1 500 point data memory for recording traverses and other measurements
  • Internal and exportable data logging
  • Completely field configurable using the local user interface
  • User-configurable low velocity cut-off, reference conditions, time constraints and flow area
  • Built-in flow totalisers and elapsed time
  • Velocity‚Äźtemperature mapping for wide-ranging velocity and temperature
  • Sensors do not overheat at zero flow by using a unique constant temperature control method and power-limiting design
  • Sensor lead-length independent circuitry


  • Industrial hygiene
  • Survey tests
  • HVAC supply and return ducts, grills, diffusers and testing
  • Flow balancing
  • Cleanrooms
  • Fume hoods
  • Combustion air velocity and flow calibration
  • Duct, stack and pipe velocity traverses
  • Coal-fired power plant stacks
  • Research and development
  • General-purpose air flow measurements