Horizontal Float Level Switch

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INS-DS-0244 KSR Kuebler Level Measurement

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Horizontal magnetic float switches are used for the monitoring and the controlling of liquid media and they may be installed into vessels and tanks which meet the technical requirements, i.e. which are designed for the according operating parameters. Due to the potential-free reed contacts the magnetic float switches form an ideal switching element in connection with PLC controlling.
The horizontal magnetic float switches work with reed contact (protective gas contact). The activation of the reed contacts by the magnetic field of a permanent magnet located at the float intake is triggered in a completely wear-free and contact-free way. The only moving component of the horizontal magnetic float switch is the float system as a whole.

Technical Advantages:

  • compact construction
  • limited moving parts
  • Hazardous area certified
  • design according to GL/BV/RINA
  • available in stainless steel, titanium,alloy, PP, PVC, PVDF and E-CTFE coating
  • connection flange according to DIN and ANSI, and more.