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INS-DS-0020 BSB Rupture Disks

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The BS&B Sta-Saf System from HMA INSTRUMENTATION represents the combination of solid metal reverse buckling disks with pre-torqued safety heads. Standard features include an operating ratio up to 100% (CE) / 95% (ASME), fully vacuum resistant, SRB-7RS and SRB-7FS pre-torqued safety heads, solid metal construction for optimum leak tightness, designed for non-fragmentation, recommended for isolation of pressure relief valves, and metal tag with product identification and traceability data, as well as code symbol stamps, where appropriate.

Alternative Reverse Buckling Disks
The BS&B FRSTM from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is an innovative frustum design disk providing overpressure relief at low pressure. The circular score line has an interrupted hinge segment that retains the disk’s central petal and prevents fragmentation.

Eco-Saf ECR offers the lowest burst pressures available from a reverse buckling disk. The disk relieves overpressure or vacuum by reversing an opening at the perimeter of the dome.

Sure-Saf CSI uses SAF technology (structural apex forming), which enhances the accuracy of the burst pressure.

The RB-90 provides overpressure protection by reversing and snapping against precision stainless steel knife blades.

SVI is a single-use rupture disk assembly requiring no holder for isolating safety relief valves. It is ideal for retrofitting with fixed piping.

The SKR-U is an all-purpose SKR rupture disk partnered with a threaded union-type holder.

Vac-Saf Rupture Disks: The Vac-Saf system offers two-way relief for maximum protection of gas or liquid storage vessels and plant from damage caused by excessive vacuum or overpressure. The system is also available in industrial versions for installation in standard companion flange safety head models.

Sanitary Rupture Disks
GCR-S is the leading sanitary/aseptic rupture disk featuring an integral gasket, and installed directly to tank fittings.

GCR-N is installed in a NovAseptic NA-connect holder. The disk is flush-mounted with the interior wall of the vessel for easy cleaning and sterilisation.

SLP-S provides the lowest burst pressure in each available size.

GLP-STM is an alternative installation design with traditional safety head.

Forward-Acting Tension-Loaded Disks
D is a composite disk consisting of a slotted metal top section, and a metal or fluoropolymer seal for lower burst pressure.

B is a pre-bulged, solid metal rupture disk. System pressure is applied to the dished or concave side, subjecting the disk metal to tension loading.

AV is a flat rupture disk for atmospheric vessels and isolating outlet port relief valves, allowing for direct installation between companion flanges.

XN-85 is a precision-scored, high-performance rupture disk.

XT is an advanced rupture disk with an X-shaped scope pattern, designed for non-fragmentation, and ideal for relief valve isolation.

XB is a non-fragmenting rupture disk that opens along pre-weakened score lines, offering a broader range of burst pressures.

LCN is a low-pressure disk with a flat composite metal design to withstand full vacuum.”