The GE Panametrics PanaFlow MV82 in-line multi-variable mass vortex flow meter from HMA Instrumentation is the next-generation vortex meter. The multi-variable design consists of a vortex shedding velocity sensor, an RTD temperature sensor and a solid-state pressure transducer that measures the mass flow rate of steam, gases and liquids.

Other meter types use external process measurements to calculate mass flow. The temperature and pressure devices are typically not installed in the same location as the flow meter. Process conditions can vary greatly between the two locations, causing inaccurate mass flow readings. The GE Panametrics PanaFlow MV82 in-line multi-variable mass vortex flow meter from HMA Instrumentation measures velocity, temperature and pressure at the same location, which provides more accurate process measurement.

It offers flow computer functionality in a compact field device. The VTP option incorporates temperature and pressure sensors to provide an instantaneous reading of compensated mass flow rate of gases, liquids and steam. In addition to outputs for totalised mass and alarm settings, the field configurable electronics deliver up to three analogue 4-20 mA outputs of five process measurements, including volumetric flow rate, mass flow rate, pressure, temperature and density. Alternate configurations for mass flow include a temperature only compensation (VT), best used when in saturated steam applications, and an integrated RTD with an external pressure transmitter (VT-EP) when a full function pressure transmitter is desired.

The MV82 base model from HMA Instrumentation delivers a direct reading of volumetric flow rate, generally the most cost-effective solution for liquid flow monitoring, in applications ranging from general water flows to hydrocarbon fuel flow measurement.

Features include:

  • Multivariable vortex flow meter for measuring volumetric flow, temperature, pressure, density and mass flow using a single meter
  • Advanced design and digital signal processing for vibration isolation
  • Cost-effective, accurate and reliable meter for volumetric and mass flow measurement in most gases, liquids and steam without the need to recalibrate
  • Energy management through accurate measurement of both temperature and mass flow simultaneously
  • Remote monitoring and integration to DCS using HART and Modbus communication protocols
  • Significant cost-savings through reduced installation costs, wiring runs and service support using the MV meter due to no moving parts
  • Certified for Division 1/Zone 1 Explosive Atmospheres (US/CAN/ATEX/IEC Ex)


  • Ideal for high temperature and high velocity steam
  • Power generation: Steam applications
  • Industrial: HVAC, district energy management
  • Commercial: Building, campus and facility energy management
  • Oil and gas: Allocation of natural gas
  • Petrochemicals: Mass balancing, reaction processes heating