GCR-S Reverse Buckling Rupture Disks

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INS-DS-0020 BSB Rupture Disks

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The GCR-S series of sanitary reverse buckling disks from BS&B and HMA INSTRUMENTATION is designed with a circular score line located at the circumference of the domed area. At a predetermined pressure, the disks dome inverts and opens around the circular score line.

The GCR-S series can achieve very low burst pressures, in addition to outstanding opening characteristics. An integrated hinge located on the atmospheric side of the disk enables the disk to perform with superior flow performance in gas or liquid service. The hinge design allows the central part of the disk to remain intact, rendering it non-fragmenting.

Features include a single design for gas and liquid service, ideal for CIP/SIP service, installed with integral sanitary/aseptic gaskets, minimum dead space between the process fluid and the disk, withstands full vacuum at all burst pressures, SASTM (Sanitary Alert Sensor) with a leak-sensing option available, as well as an integral burst disk sensor option.