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INS-DS-0216 Rototherm DG1 DigiGauge Digital Pressure Gauge
BH RTX 1000H Series Pressure Transmitter

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Pressure Transmitters from HMA Instrumentation cover the widest range of gauge and absolute pressure applications available on the market today. This extensive product offering gives users a wide selection of changeable Pressure Transmitters, with HART® digital signal superimposed. Turndowns of up to 100:1 are available, ranging from 50 mBar to 1 400 bar.

GE RTX 1000H Series

GE Measurement & Control, a leading brand distributed by HMA Instrumentation, is renowned for the design and manufacture of compact and rugged high-performance pressure sensors and related products for extremely accurate and reliable measurements.

To adjust zero and span, the GE RTX 1000H from HMA Instrumentation uses a simple set-up routine based push buttons located on the electronics board itself. When calibration is complete, a simple switch locks the push buttons out of the main circuit, in order to ensure optimum long-term operational stability.

The GE RTX 1000H from HMA Instrumentation extends the range even further to include a fully-rangeable transmitter utilising the industry-standard HART® protocol. This provides enhanced performance and digital two-way communication. In addition, any span can be set within a 1:1 to 100:1 ratio of the pressure module upper range limit (URL).

Rototherm DG1 DigiGauge Digital Pressure Gauge & Transmitter

High accuracy and a four-digit display enables the Rototherm DG1 DigiGauge from HMA Instrumentation to be used as a digital standard test gauge, replacing less accurate analogue test gauges, which also have the disadvantage of being more fragile. HMA Instrumentation is able to supply factory-calibration certificates traceable to National Standards. In addition, UKAS calibration certificates can be supplied if required.

Covering a wide range of test and measurement applications with pressure ranges available from vacuum to 400 bar, the Rototherm DG1 DigiGauge from HMA Instrumentation can be supplied with hygienic fittings for food-and-beverage applications, or with diaphragm seals for use on corrosive, viscous, or crystallising fluids.
All standard Rototherm DigiGauges from HMA Instrumentation are calibrated in a controlled environment. Temperature compensated

sensors are fitted as standard to automatically correct zero and span drift. All Rototherm DigiGauge variants from HMA Instrumentation can also be specified with a ‘maximum’ and ‘minimum’ pressure logging option.