Flame Scanner Tester

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INS-DS-0019 Manual Scanner Tester

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The Scanner Tester from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is able to simulate IR light and UV radiation, which means it is a unique testing device for integrated flame scanners with internal flame relay. It is supplied with an integrated 9V battery to make it independent of a 230 V power supply. The unit includes also a 4 mA to 20 mA analogue output analysis of the integrated flame scanner. The current state of the flame and failure relay can also be tested.

The LCD display provides all the information necessary for the flame and failure relay. The Scanner Tester from HMA INSTRUMENTATION can control the turn-on and the failure response time of the flame relay. The Scanner Tester can be used in two different operating modes: A battery mode is for testing the flame scanner at the facility. The integrated flame scanner has to be connected at the 24 VDC main power supply. The second operating mode is the 230 VAC usages. In this mode, the flame scanner is connected direct to the scanner tester via 24 VDC.