Fireye UV90L Flame Scanner

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The UV1AL, UV90L, UV1AL-CEX and UV5 scanners from HMA INSTRUMENTATION are used with the BurnerPRO, MBCE and NXF4000 systems. The UV1AL-3/6 scanners come with 3 foot or 6 foot cables rated for Tray Cable-Exposed Run (TC-ER). They comply with the crush and impact requirements of the standard for metal-clad cable UL 1569. The UV1AL-3/6 is fitted with a 1/2″ NPT threaded coupling. The UV90L-1/2 provides field wireable terminal block. The UV5-1 comes with a 6.5ft UL rated cable for installation. The UV1AL-CEX is a UV1AL mounted in a ATEX compliant housing for environments requiring the rating of Exd IIC T6 ATEX hazardous location.

The UV90L Series Scanners are designed for front and lateral (90°) mounting which, in some applications, allow the scanners to obtain a clearer view of the flame. The UV90L, with its exclusive snug-fit mounting block, eliminates the need for a threaded sight pipe. The UV5-1 scanner also supports front and lateral viewing, but it’s highly recommended for lateral viewing to maximise the UV tube’s sensitivity. The UV5-1 is shipped with a mounting flange and a detachable cable.