Fireye SureFire II Natural Draught Gas Pilot type SP-32-ND

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The Surefire II High-Energy Ignition System from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is used for direct spark ignition of most gas or liquid fuels used in oil or gas igniters or main burners. The High-Energy Ignition System is available in various versions. To ensure optimal operation, the first part of the ignition tip should always be in an ignitable fuel-air mixture, during all modes of operation. After successful ignition, the ignition tip should be disconnected from the power supply and taken out of the flame. When an automated process is required, a pneumatic retraction unit and systems for hazardous areas are available as options.

The Surefire II range includes an integrated power pack with spark rod; a split power pack and separate spark rod; a portable battery-powered integrated power pack and spark rod; ATEX, power pack, and spark rods; co-axial retractors with/without integrated solenoid valve; and ATEX solenoid.

Features include selectable voltage (115/230 VAC), visual indication of spark operation, proof of spark relay, a choice of system (integrated or kit), or a kit with quick disconnect, thermal cut-out protection integrated in transformer, ATEX options, compact coaxial retractors, and safety bleed resistor discharges capacitors in 120 seconds.

High-energy spark igniters (HESI) are well-suited to ignite most gaseous and liquid fuels, either by first igniting a pilot, or directly igniting the main burner. The HESI is classified as a Class 3 special igniter (NFPA regulations). Burner designers should ensure the correct position of the igniter tip, and the maximum capacity of flame to be ignited to ensure compliance with prevailing regulations.

Typical applications are petrochemical and refineries (often ATEX style); heaters, reformers, metal industries, and kilns; power burners, steam-raising plants; direct and pilot ignition; paper industry; and black liquor boilers.