Fireye Signature 45UV5 Flame Scanner

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45UV5 Flame Scanners(SC-101)

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The Type 45FS1 and 45UVFS1 Signature Scanner flame detectors from HMA INSTRUMENTATION are an innovative flame-detection method to determine the presence or absence of a target flame in a single or multiple burner environment.

Both Fireye scanners utilise a software algorithm that constantly compares the amplitude-frequency characteristics of the target flame with the amplitude-frequency characteristics acquired during the set-up procedure. This amplitude-frequency characteristic is the signature of the target flame.

The main difference between the Fireye 45FS1 and 45UVFS1 scanners from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is the flame detector utilised in each scanner. The 45FS1 scanner incorporates a large-area lead sulphide cell sensitive to the infra-red range more suited for coal- and/or oil-type flames. This cell can detect a wide range of background brightness without experiencing cell washout. The Fireye 45UVFS1 scanner from HMA INSTRUMENTATION uses a super-blue silicon cell sensitive to the UV range, as well as an automatic signal amplification circuitry making it applicable for all fuel types, from gas to oil and coal.

The Fireye Signature Scanner flame detectors from HMA INSTRUMENTATION have the ability for remote communication to review and program system setpoints, as well as download and upload the acquired flame-signature data from one scanner to another using an IBM-compatible PC and the FS700 software program.

The Fireye scanners feature an eight-character LED display, a three-pushbutton keypad, and a program-enable pushbutton to program and/or review the various system setpoints and operating parameters associated with the setup procedure and operation of the scanner. The selection of the flame signature is determined via the keypad or the remote file selector switches.