Fireye Nexus NX6100 Integrated Parallel Positioning

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INS-DS-0010 Nexus
INS-DS-0011 Nexus O2

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The FIREYE NEXUS NX6100 Integrated Controller from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is a microprocessor-based Flame Safeguard and parallel positioning combustion controller built into one compact, user configurable package. The system consists of the controller, display, temperature/pressure sensors, servo motors, and optional ComFire software.

The Flame Safeguard portion of the control package provides for burner sequencing, including safe-start check, proof of main valve closure, selectable main gas safety proving sequence, supervised pre-purge, a low-fire starting position, pilot and main trials for ignition, main flame supervision, and post purge. Safety event timings are provided to meet North American and CE Standards.

Time-proven FIREYE Flame Scanners and amplification circuits from HMA INSTRUMENTATION using UV, UV self-check and infrared sensors, provide for fast, reliable scanning of most commonly-burned fuels. Seven user-defined auxiliary inputs allow for supervision of safety-critical and non-safety critical inputs.