Fireye Insight II 95DSS3 Flame Scanner

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INS-DS-0013 Fireye Insight II
INS-DS-0124 Insight II Stainless Steel Housing

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The FIREYE InSight II Type 95DSS3 Flame Scanner from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is a microprocessor-based flame scanner utilising both solid state infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) sensors. The FIREYE InSight II Forney Uniflame flame scanners incorporate two internal flame relays with adjustable ‘on/off’ thresholds and two 4-20 mA analogue outputs, thereby eliminating the need for a remote flame amplifier.

The FIREYE InSight II Type 95DSS3 Forney Uniflame Flame Scanner from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is powered by 24 Vdc, and feature electronic self-checking. Model 95DSS3-1 has one eight-pin and one 12-pin electrical cable quick disconnect. Models 95DSS3-1CEX and 95DSS3-1WICEX have internal terminal blocks for cable connection. The scanners either have an attached keypad and VFD display, or an infrared transmitter for a remote handheld keypad and/or display.

The Fireye Insight / Forney Uniflame Flame Scanner is available now from HMA Instrumentation. Contact our team today.