Fireye Insight 95IR_95UV_95DS Flame Scanner

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INS-DS-0116 Insight Flame Scanner

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The FIREYE InSight Type 95IR, 95UV, and 95DS Flame Scanners from HMA INSTRUMENTATION are microprocessor-based flame scanners utilising solid state infrared (IR), ultraviolet (UV), or dual (IR and UV) sensors. The FIREYE InSight Type 95 Flame Scanners from HMA INSTRUMENTATION incorporate an internal flame relay with adjustable ‘on/off’ thresholds, thereby eliminating the need for a remote flame amplifier.

All FIREYE InSight scanner models from HMA INSTRUMENTATION are powered by 24 Vdc, have either a 12-pin electrical quick disconnect or 10-foot cable (‘CG’ models), and contain electronic self-checking, which means no mechanical shutter is required. The scanners contain an eight-character alphanumeric LED display and a four push-button keypad to enable the user to view operating parameters and select setpoints.