Fireye BurnerPro Flame Safeguard

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INS-DS-0066 BurnerPRO
BP-1002 Burnerpro Microprocessor Based Integrated uv fr Detection
BP-1003 Burnerpro uv fr Flame Amplifiers Modbus Interface

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The Fireye BurnerPRO from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is a compact microprocessor-based primary flame safeguard control for single-burner commercial heating and process equipment applications. The Fireye BurnerPRO provides the proper burner sequencing, ignition, and continuous flame monitoring for commercial/industrial heating and process equipment firing oil and gas fuels.

The Fireye BurnerPRO system from HMA INSTRUMENTATION incorporates a safety checking circuit that is operative on each start. If a flame is detected prior to a start or during the purge cycle, the fuel valves will not be energised, and the unit will lockout. The alarm relay is used to annunciate the presence of a lockout condition.

The Fireye BurnerPRO system from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is applicable for on-off, multi-stage, or modulating burners used in steam or hot water generating small- to medium-sized boilers. The smart LEDs provide operating status and lockout information in the event of a safety shutdown. The complete Fireye BurnerPRO system includes the BP110/230 chassis, equipped with the type of flame amplifier required for the application, an appropriate flame detector, wiring base, and optional alphanumeric display. The Fireye BurnerPRO comes in either 110 VAC or 230 VAC models for increased application flexibility.

Fireye BurnerPRO Cross Reference Table
Siemens LFL 1.322 BP230UVFR-S1
Siemens LFL 1.322-110V BP110UVFR-S1
Siemens LFL 1.333 BP230UVFR-S2
Siemens LFL 1.333-110V BP110UVFR-S2
Siemens LFL 1.335 BP230UVFR-S3
Siemens LFL 1.335-110V BP110UVFR-S3
Satronic TMG 740-1/2/3 model 32-32 BP230UVFR-S2
Satronic TMG 740-1/2/3 model 45-54 BP230UVFR-S3
Siemens LFL 1.635 BP230UVFR-S4
Siemens LFL 1.635-110V BP110UVFR-S4