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An explosion can result from an ignition of a combustible gas, vapour or dust when mixed with air during handling, processing, or storage operations. A rapid rise in pressure occurs in the containing structure. If it is not of adequate strength to withstand the pressure, extensive damage to plant and/or injury to personnel is likely to occur. HMA Instrumentation offers BS&B Vent-Saf Explosion Vents in order to protect industrial equipment including silos, dust collectors, cyclones, conveyers, dryers, and many more.

Explosion vents are low-burst pressure membranes of a calculated area, fixed over an opening on the structure to be protected. In the event of a deflagration, the vents provide a rapid and unrestricted opening at a predetermined burst pressure (Pstat), allowing combustion gases to expand and flow through the vent. Applicable standards in this regard are NFPA 68 (1994) or VDI 3675 (1993).

BS&B Vent-Saf Explosion Vents

The BS&B Vent-Saf Explosion Vents from HMA Instrumentation are an effective means of protection for a range of industrial equipment. The range includes Vent-Saf Plus and Vent-Saf Standard domed single-section metal explosion vents with integral gaskets. Vent-Saf Economy is a flat, single-section metal explosion vent with integral gaskets. Type EXP/DV is a round domed composite explosion vent with integral vacuum support and gaskets. Type LCV is a flat composite explosion vent with integral gaskets. The Vent-Saf vents are available in both round or rectangular shapes, designed to mounted on the structure to be protected by means of a safety frame.