Det-Tronics FlexVu Universal Display UD20

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Det-tronics UD20 (90-1201-3.2)

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The Det-tronics FlexVu Universal Display UD20 can be used with any GT3000 Electrochemical Gas Detector?. It provides display and control capabilities for toxic, oxygen, and hydrogen sensors. It displays gas type, units of measure, fault status and alarm status during normal operation.
Key Features include:?
2-wire loop powered — ideal for retrofit applications
Low power to reduce installation and operation costs
Access to GT3000 data logs
Allows for remote sensor calibration
Certified SIL 2 capable when used with O2 and H2S GTS sensor modules
Certified explosion-proof for classified areas and approved to FM, CSA, ATEX, IECEx, and others; the display can be coupled directly to a single GT3000 gas detector or be separated from the gas detector using a sensor termination box. Detector calibration can be initiated using a magnetic tool or the UD20 HART-based display menu. ?

Additional features and benefits:

Magnetic switches provide a non-intrusive user interface allowing users to navigate and adjust field-critical parameters without requiring a HART Communicator.

Compatible with all GT3000 gas detectors. Automatically detects the gas type and operating range of the hot-swappable sensor module.

Rugged construction, 3rd party global approvals for hazardous locations and performance.