Conveyor Belt Tear Detector

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INS-DS-0021 Belt Tear

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A total of 74% of longitudinal belt tear incidents occur at the transfer chutes. It is crucial to detect these tears as early as possible, since even the smallest of tears will easily incur costly damage when left undetected. The Matsushima Belt Tear Detector from HMA INSTRUMENTATION provides not only for instant detection of longitudinal tears, it also produces an instant emergency stop signal, thus ensuring complete protection for your conveyor system. The sensor can be operated without influence of ozone, ultraviolet ray, moisture, and salt water, etc.

Therefore, the operating sensitivity is not reduced under severe environments. The Matsushima Belt Tear Detector from HMA INSTRUMENTATION can be installed without any modifications of the belt conveyor. Moreover, it can be installed while the conveyor is operating. It can detect longitudinal tears of conveyor belts due to steel pieces and/or bars instantly.