Conveyor Belt Sway Detector

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INS-DS-0064 Belt Sway Detection

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Swaying of the conveyor belt causes loads to fall, which can result in conveyor belt damage. An adjustment of the conveyor belt is the only way to correct this swaying. Matsushimaʼs Motor-Operated Adjusting Carrier from HMA INSTRUMENTATION detects conveyor belt sway and corrects it automatically, reducing drastically the time and cost needed for operation control and maintenance.

Falling loads and resultant accidents can be prevented. As an additional benefit, conveyor-belt life is extended as the breakage and damage caused by swaying and twisting is prevented. The Matsushima Motor-Operated Adjusting Carrier from HMA INSTRUMENTATION requires no extra installation space. It can be mounted easily on a conveyor, and is built to operate under even severe environmental conditions. It replaces conventional manual adjustment and simplifies conveyor-belt maintenance.