Conveyor Belt Speed Switch

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INS-DS-0060 Belt Conveyor Speed Switch
INS-DS-0062 Revmonitor

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The Speed Switch from HMA INSTRUMENTATION detects the magnetic material attached to the shaft without contact, and generates an electric signal. The magnetic material rotates along with the shaft, and generates the pulse signal. Since the cycle of the pulse signal varies according to the shaft rotating speed, the Speed Switch is able to detect the rotating speed.
The Speed Switch from HMA INSTRUMENTATION initiates the detection by means of an integrated output relay when the shaft speed of the machine is reduced below the set speed. The Speed Switch is a non-contact type motion sensor that can be used even in severe outdoor environments. It can also detect the speed without any need to be connected to the machine with a coupling, for example.

Speed Switch RevMonitor

The Speed Switch RevMonitor from HMA INSTRUMENTATION automatically records the normal revolution speed of the machine shaft. Simply press the MOD button, and the RevMonitor records the current revolution speed of the machine automatically as the normal speed for monitoring purposes. Thus there is no need to check the revolution speed of a machine constantly. If the speed drops below normal by 5% to 10%, the RevMonitor issues an alarm, or generates a contact signal in order to stop the machine. No adjustment is required as the RevMonitor from HMA INSTRUMENTATION records the current revolution speed automatically as a benchmark. After setting the transducer to the normal speed, the actual speed of the machine can be monitored remotely.