Conveyor Belt Pull Cord Switch

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INS-DS-0063 Belt Conveyor Wire Rope Pull Stop
INS-DS-0065 Belt Conveyor Pull Cull Switch

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The PULLSTOP from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is a switch that is used to stop a conveyor line or similar long-distance transport line by pulling on the conveyor’s rope. The switch also stops the transport line when the wire rope becomes slack or breaks. With an emergency-stop push button on the main unit as a standard feature, this device can stop transport machinery easily, even without pulling the wire rope.

In combination with a commercially-available safety relay unit, this device can be used for stop category 1 or 0. Provided with an IP67 enclosure, this device can be installed even near equipment that needs to be washed with water, or where it is exposed to excessive dust. The lever-type construction allows widening of the detection range of the wire rope’s pulled movement, so as to eliminate the chance of false detection due to thermal expansion or stretch/shrinkage of the wire rope. It is also ideal for outdoor applications.

Belt Conveyor Pull Cull Switch

The Pull Cord Switch from HMA INSTRUMENTATION can stop the belt conveyor at any position, as it is installed at the side of the belt conveyor, with the pull cord mounted along the conveyor. The large-size switch allows for large cord tension and durability. Operation is two-way, workable from both directions. Two contacts are provided, for both ‘stop’ and ‘alarm’. A version with an operation-indicating plate is also available, in addition to a flameproof and dust ignition-proof model.