Conveyor Belt Chute Switch

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INS-DS-0051 Chute Switch

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The Chute Switch from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is a safety switch vital to belt conveyors. When a transport material clogs a chute, the Chute Switch stops the installed belt instantly by emitting an alarm signal. The clogging of chutes may cause issues such as piling with a transport material, damage to a conveyor belt and even fire – all prevented by the Chute Switch.
Accordingly, the confusion of belt conveyor lines caused by an emergency stop can be dealt with rapidly. Simple construction translates into assured operation. The Chute Switch from HMA INSTRUMENTATION consists of a swing-type detecting plate and a limit switch. It is installed on the chute wall, cut out of an oblong hole. The limit switch acts when the detecting plate sways outside with the transport material that clogs the chute.

The Chute Switch from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is even applicable under adverse environmental conditions. The detecting plate, hung with dust-proof bearings, swings smoothly even if dust adheres. To prevent ant issues caused by dew condensation, a proximity switch type is also available as an option. The detecting force is adjustable from 9.8 N to 14.7 N at the tip of detecting plate. Therefore the Chute Switch is applicable to belt conveyor lines that cover a wide range from small grains to lumps.