Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEMS)

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INS-DS-0244 KSR Kuebler Level Measurement

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Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEMS) from HMA Instrumentation is a fully-integrated, continuous emission monitoring concept from basic analysers and their calibration verification packages through to digital communications, data logging and automatic reporting.

At the heart of this concept is the SmartCEM station containing all of the analysers and monitors to provide comprehensive stack emission monitoring. The SmartCEM Station Control Unit (SCU) provides power to, and communicates with, the analysers and monitors within that station.

Data from up to 32 SmartCEM stations is transmitted via a serial digital link (CODEL SmartBUS) to the Central Data Controller, where it is logged on a dedicated PC or assembled for onward transmission to a plant computer or DCS.


  • GCEM4000 Gas Analyser
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Nitric Oxide
  • Nitrogen Dioxide
  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Sulphur Dioxide
  • Hydrogen Chloride
  • Methane
  • Water Vapour
  • DCEM1000/1001 Monitors
  • Opacity
  • DCEM2000/2100 Monitors
  • Dust and Smoke (Opacity)
  • VCEM5000 Monitor
  • Gas Flow
  • SmartCEM System Software
  • Data Logging
  • Data Reporting