Clean-In-Place System (CIP)

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Measuring oil in produced water is one of the most challenging applications for any analyser. With over 20 years’ success in produced water, HMA INSTRUMENTATION is well aware that making the measurement is only the beginning. Maintenance is the problem, with oil-in-water analysers faced with problems such as scale, solids, wax, iron sulphide, and crude oil.

Most oilfield produced waters and other oily wastewaters have a high fouling potential for optical sensors. High-cost ultrasonic cleaning systems only address the local optical path, and not the entire sample system. The Turner CIP (Clean-in-Place) System from HMA INSTRUMENTATION addresses the entire sample system in the same way that CIPs are used to clean heat exchangers and other oily

The Turner CIP (Clean-in-Place) System from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is a self-contained chemical cleaning system that can be manual or automatic, pneumatic, or electrical. All chemicals are returned to the supply tank for recycling on the next cleaning cycle. Customers report up to 12 months of use before refreshing chemicals. The specific chemicals and cleaning cycle time are determined based on the needs of the facility and the fouling potential of the produced water.