Bypass Level Gauge / Magnetic Level Indicator

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INS-DS-0221 Bypass Level Indicator BNA
INS-DS-0244 KSR Kuebler Level Measurement

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The bypass level indicator is one of the simplest and most robust method to liquid level monitoring.

Bypass Level Indicators from HMA INSTRUMENTATION are one of the simplest and most robust means of liquid level monitoring. A chamber is mounted on the side of a tank or container by two process connections. This direct connection ensures that the level in the chamber corresponds precisely to the level of the liquid in the tank or container.

Inside the bypass chamber there is a cylindrical float with built-in permanent magnets, where the concentrated magnetic field produced travels through the chamber wall to an external indicator. Along with the magnetic roller indicator, the Bypass Level Gauges from HMA INSTRUMENTATION can also be equipped with magnetic switches and level transmitters (magnetostrictive or reed type).

Advantages are a simple, robust, and rugged design, no direct contact with aggressive fluids by sensitive measurement and indicating instruments, and guaranteed operation of the magnetic roller indicator without requiring an auxiliary power source, even in the event of power failures. These gauges are applicable throughout industry thanks to the use of a range of corrosion-proof materials. Designs are available for pressure ranges from vacuum up to 400 bar, temperature ranges from 167°C to +400°C, and densities of 350 kg/m3.