Burst Alert Sensor types BAS+, ABAS+, LDAS+, DAS and ALDAS+ from BS&B and HMA INSTRUMENTATION comply with the requirements of the European Union Atex directive. Special tagging is required and it is essential that the application service temperature is identified for each sensor order item.

Each Burst Alert Sensor is designed to operate in a ‘normally closed’ electrical circuit. A polymer membrane is used to support an electrical conducting circuit. When the pressure event (disk rupture/valve opening) occurs, the flow of fluid places the polymer membrane in tension, which leads to the break of a tantalum electrical conductor.

This changes the electrical status of the sensor to ‘normally open’. Recommended operating limits for Burst Alert Sensors are a maximum current of 500 mA, and a maximum 24 VDC. Satisfactory operation can be obtained at a few milliamperes current.