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INS DS 0370 IDV Safety Valve

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BS&B’s inline safety valve, model IDV is a self-reclosing pressure safety relief valve with the same functionality as a traditional Angle Type Relief Valve, however, the IDV has an inline configuration.

Due to the inline design, the IDV offers up to 1.5 times the capacity of a conventional API Safety Relief Valve. The increased capacity for a given size allows users to optimize their pressure safety systems and, reduce line size by one or more sizes.

With over 10,000 installations worldwide over 25-years, IDV is an excellent alternative to traditional safety relief valves.


  • In-line design with the same inlet and outlet flange connection size.
  • Compact and light weight compared to traditional API safety relief valves.
  • Superior capacity to API safety relief valves.
  • ANSI/ASME B 16.5 and International flange connections.
  • Optional integrated rupture disk at inlet of valve.
  • Smaller size; may be able to use a smaller valve size.
  • Convenience of an in line flanged design.
  • Install horizontally or vertically.
  • Set pressure independent of back pressure, suitable for variable back pressure applications.