Bimetal Temperature Gauge

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INS-DS-0067 Temperature Pressure Level & Flow

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The range of Bimetallic Temperature Gauges from HMA Instrumentation are designed for accurate temperature measurement, featuring a reliable, robust design for industrial purposes. The specially-designed head provides for 180° movement, allowing users to set the best position for maximum readability upon installation. An Anti-Parallax feature allows for error-free reading.
Rototherm Bimetallic Thermometers

The Rototherm range of Heavy-Duty Bimetallic Thermometers from HMA Instrumentation boasts robust construction for the most stringent environmental conditions, together with an accurately-manufactured bimetallic coil, ensuring every instrument has a long, dependable life.

All Rototherm Bimetallic Thermometers from HMA Instrumentation contain no harmful fluids, ensuring no contamination of the process in question. Applications include ovens, dryers, storage tanks, food processing, dairies, breweries, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and refining.