Autronica Smoke detector BHH-500/EXE



Autronica Smoke detector BHH-500/EXE is a point smoke detector for use in hazardous area zone 1 or 2. The detector has a built in thermistor and is designed for use with Autronica’s interactive fire detection systems, which can provide temperature information from the detector point.

The SelvVerify function ensures the highest grade of reliability because all units comprising this function are automatically tested with a calibrated test once every 24 hours.
Interactive smoke detector head with SelfVerify, environmentally protected, RIME-approved.

Additional coating of PCB combined with the adaptivity of the Autronica Smoke detector BHH-500/EXE, is making this detector suitable for maritime applications. This detector is tested by RIME for increased safety “e”, according to Japanese standards JIS F8009-1998 and JIS C0934-1993.

Part number: 116-BHH-500/EXE