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BH RTX 1000H Series Pressure Transmitter

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Pressure Transmitters available from HMA Instrumentation cover the widest range of gauge and absolute pressure applications available on the market at present. This broad range allows for a choice of user-changeable pressure transmitters with HART® digital signal superimposed. Turndowns of up to 100:1 is offered, ranging from 50 mBar to 1 400 bar.

GE RTX 1000H Series
GE Measurement & Control, a leading brand distributed by HMA Instrumentation, is renowned for the design and manufacture of compact and rugged high-performance pressure sensors and related products for extremely accurate and reliable measurements.

To adjust zero and span, the GE RTX 1000H from HMA Instrumentation uses a simple set-up routine based push buttons located on the electronics board itself. When calibration is complete, a simple switch locks the push buttons out of the main circuit, in order to ensure optimum long-term operational stability.

The GE RTX 1000H from HMA Instrumentation extends the range even further to include a fully-rangeable transmitter utilising the industry-standard HART® protocol. This provides enhanced performance and digital two-way communication. In addition, any span can be set within a 1:1 to 100:1 ratio of the pressure module upper range limit (URL).