Eriez Wet Drum Separation

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SB-340 Eriez Drum Separator
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Eriez Drum Separators from HMA Wear Solutions remove both large and small pieces of iron contaminants from material-processing lines. Powerful permanent magnets enable more efficient separation performance for a broader range of applications than ever before. The complete line-up includes standard models in diameters from 305 to 915 mm, and widths from 12 to 305 to 1 525 mm. These units provide efficient separation on volumes up to 725 m3/h.

Eriez Drum Separators from HMA Wear Solutions provide years of trouble-free automatic removal of tramp iron from heavy flows of bulk materials, including large and highly abrasive materials. Features include Erium-powered permanent magnets for automatic separation of ferromagnetic particles for higher levels of purity in food, grain, chemicals, plastics, metals, rock products, and ores, etc.

For many years, Eriez Permanent Magnetic Drums, available from HMA Wear Solutions, have used ceramic or alnico magnet materials as their power source. When built with Eriez-designed circuits, these separators provide good magnetic fields at a nominal cost, satisfactorily removing both tramp and fine iron contaminants in most applications. These continue to be the magnets most frequently used to improve the product purity of dry bulk materials.

Eriez Rare Earth Drum Separators are now also available from HMA Wear Solutions. These incorporate Erium 3000, a high-quality rare earth permanent magnetic power source. Erium 3000 develops magnetic fields up to 25 times stronger than conventional ceramic or alnico units, with no increase in size. The additional strength helps in removing weakly magnetic or very fine iron contaminants from a wide variety of powdery, dry bulk materials as well as slurries. The increased strength at a greater distance, high gradients, and increased holding force allows these drum separators to contain magnetic or fine-iron contaminants so tightly that wipe-off by-product flow is virtually eliminated.