WearTech Trowelable Ceramics

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WEA-DS-0015 WearTech Repair QS

WearTech Repair QS Part A SDS
WearTech Repair QS Part B SDS

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WearTech QS Repair from HMA Wear Solutions is a highly abrasion-resistant, trowelable compound developed especially for repairing worn ceramic linings such as Basalt, Alumina, and silicon carbides. It is ideal for the repair of ceramic-lined pipes and chutes handling highly abrasive materials, and for on-site repair of worn areas in pipes, launders, chutes, and hoppers, etc.
A fine-grain resin compound, WearTech Repair from HMA Wear Solutions is an ideal solution as a trowelable item to combat erosion and corrosion. It can be applied in variable thicknesses down to 4 mm, and can be applied to horizontal, vertical, or overhead surfaces. Suitable for sliding abrasion and medium impact.