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WEA-DS-0004 WearTech Pipe

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WearTech piping systems from HMA Wear Solutions offer a smooth, finished bore with no internal joints on straights. Pipe and fittings lined with WearTech are used widely in coal, iron ore, mineral sands, and mining. Lining thickness is 10 mm or 20 mm as standard, or as required according to specific applications. Performance and results are guaranteed thanks to the specially designed interlocking ceramic particle matrix, developed with a low-resin content to optimise the mechanical and wear resistant properties of the ceramic throughout the total lining thickness.
A major feature of the WearTech systems from HMA Wear Solutions is the optimum particle-size distribution, while the spin-cast process ensures a strong interlocked cohesion between the different components. WearTech is deployed in a range of minerals-processing applications where the transport of slurries is required.

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