Wear Solutions Piping and Engineering Design

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HMA Wear Solutions has over 40 years’ experience and innovation in overcoming many design and manufacturing problems associated with ceramic-lined pipe, chutes and equipment. HMA Wear Solutions piping systems have become the industry benchmark as a result due to their superior quality and innovation.

The manufacture of ceramic-lined pipe and equipment is a specialised process, and therefore HMA Wear Solutions has developed unique in-house manufacturing and quality control system to ensure consistency and high standards at all times. HMA Wear Solutions provides a range of pipe linings, including Basalt, WearTech, Alumina, Eucor, ABSC, Alumax, SiTech, Polyurethane and Rubber.

HMA Wear Solutions also has the capability and knowhow to manufacture unlined steel pipe to the same exacting standards used for all its piping systems. HDPE pipe is also available as part of its complete pipe package, which can be supplied in smaller quantities to replace existing worn pipework as required.
To back-up its superior manufacturing capability, HMA Wear Solutions offers site measuring utilising 3D scanning equipment, design and drafting service to ensure that the best possible design and material selections are incorporated as part of a complete piping-solution package.