Val-Matic Swing Flex Check Valves

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FLO-DS-0004 Swing Flex Check Valve


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These Swing-Flex® check valves feature a 100% unrestricted flow area for improved flow characteristics and lower head loss. The one-piece precision-moulded steel disc is reinforced with nylon, and backed by a 25-year warranty. The Memory-Flex disc is the only moving part for long life and minimal maintenance. The full-sized top-access port allows disc removal without removing the valve from the line. An integral O-ring on the disc assures positive seating at high and low pressures. The short disc stroke, combined with the Memory-Flex disc action, reduces potentially destructive water hammer. Backflow capabilities are available by means of an optional screw-type back-flow actuator. Every Swing-Flex® check valve is 100% tested, including a seat test to assure drop-tight sealing, and hydrostatic testing to assure the integrity of the casting.

The cover-mounted Disc Position Indicator clearly indicates the valve’s disc position. A proximity limit switch can also be provided to indicate open/closed position to a remote location.

A Backflow Actuator is available for use when manual backflow operation is required. Common applications are for priming pumps, back flushing, draining lines, and system testing.

Unlike conventional swing check valves, the Swing-Flex® check valves are designed to accept synthetic or natural rubber linings. Body linings, coupled with synthetic Memory-Flex discs, makes the Swing-Flex® check valves ideal for systems containing abrasive or corrosive fluids