Val-Matic Plug Valves

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FLO-DS-0099 Plug Valves

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Val-Matic Plug Valves feature an unrestricted fl¬ow area, combined with smooth streamline contouring, to allow for passage of large solids to prevent potential clogging and provide low head loss. Eccentric action provides positive shut-off, with wear-resistant action and low torque. A full top -access cover provides accessibility for inspection without removal of the valve from the line.

The Val-Matic Exclusive Grit-Guard shaft seal extends packing and bearing life by minimising contact with abrasive line media. The seat has a welded overlay of 95% pure nickel, applied directly to the body using a state-of-the-art robotic welding system for a consistent, high-quality weld. It is machined and ground to a smooth finish.

The friction collar with memory stop secures the valve plug in any position, and includes a nylon bearing for ease of operation. The V-Type Packing Field is adjustable and replaceable, without removal of the worm gear or motor actuators. Removable POP (Packing Overload Protection) Shims protect the packing by preventing overload during field adjustment.