V Belt Cogged Series

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FLO-DS-0114 V-Belts


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Indonesia Tel: +62 21 3040 4422
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Belts and Pulleys from HMA Flow & Industrial are manufactured from a compound selected meticulously to match the stipulated power ratings. This offers distinct advantages in performance and safety on critical drives. The top width-to-height ratio is 1:6:1, while the maximum permissible belt speed is 30 m/s. The permissible flex rate is F = 80 per second.

The construction of the Belts and Pulleys from HMA Flow & Industrial focuses on strong wear characteristics due to the use of bias-cut Neoprene rubberised fabric. Features include high tenacity, low stretch, low stretch, specially treated polyester and Kevlar cord, as well as high-resistance cord-embedding cushion, and specially-compounded high-modulus compression rubber.