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FLO-DS-0029 Tyre Couplings


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Tyre Couplings from HMA Flow & Industrial are highly flexible. They consist of two flanges, with the two halves joined by a rubber tyre. The tyre itself is torsionally soft and flexible. This allows the Tyre Coupling to compensate for large quantities of shock-loading backlash, as well as both parallel and axial misalignments. Misalignment can be compensated for up to 4°angular, 6 mm parallel, and 8 mm axial. Torsional flexibility is up to 12° at maximum torque.

Pin and Bush Coupling/Cone Ring Couplings
Cone Ring Couplings from HMA Flow & Industrial are based on a time-proven design. The couplings consist of two flanges interlocked with a number of elements, depending on the coupling size. The Cone Ring Couplings from HMA Flow & Industrial feature a unique flexible element comprising tapered rubber rings mounted on steel pins. The rubber rings absorb commonly encountered misalignment, shock and vibration.

The Cone Ring Couplings from HMA Flow & Industrial Cone Ring Couplings are as popular as ever due to their ease of maintenance. No lubrication is required, while the pin and rubber design ensures trouble-free maintenance. The couplings can be removed and changed without the need to remove them from the shafts. The flanges are high-grade cast iron, the pins are hexagonal steel bar, and the rings are synthetic rubber.