Tsubaki Motor Shock Protection Relay

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FLO-DS-0125 Motor Shock Protection Relay

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Indonesia Tel: +62 21 3040 4422
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Tsubaki from HMA Flow & Industrial is committed to providing customers with the highest value in the industry today. As a full-line supplier of power transmission products, this commitment extends to the complete range of Tsubaki shock protection relay products as well.

Protect your critical equipment and significant investment with Tsubaki shock protection relays and external current transformers from HMA Flow & Industrial. Unexpected shock loads can damage chains, drives, gears, and turbines – essentially the entire mechanical assembly. That translates into high maintenance, costly repairs, and expensive downtime.

Simply put, when the Tsubaki shock protection relay detects a problem, it shuts down the line – quickly, safely and securely, saving time and money. After the problem is corrected, the shock relay is reset at the touch of a button, with no tear down required, thereby improving efficiency and reducing downtime.