Tech-Taylor Ball Check Valves

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FLO-DS-0109 Tech-Taylor™ Valves
FLO-DS-0110 Tech-Taylor Rebuilds Relines

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Tech-Taylor™ Valves are automatic changeover check valves designed for critical areas, especially slurry process lines, where standby and duty pumps are cycled to discharge into a common line. This automatic-acting valve is both reliable and economic, and replaces older technology combinations of Y-pieces and actuated shut-off valves.

Tech-Taylor™ Valves are used by nearly every mining company in the world. In a process plant, standby pumps are often provided in critical areas. In many instances, two or more pumps discharge into a common line, leading to the next step in the process. Prior to the development of the Tech Taylor™ Valves, this junction required a shut-off valve on each pump discharge line to prevent fluid from flowing back through the inoperative pump, and also to allow for the removal of this pump for repairs. The Tech Taylor™ Valves replace the ‘Y’ fitting required formerly, and has also been designed for maximum abrasion resistance and minimal pressure drop, making it a trouble-free addition to a piping system. Tech Taylor™ Valves provide the best answer for pump isolation, isolating two or three pumps in parallel, and operate in any orientation. Tech Taylor™ Valves feature rugged construction and proven abrasion resistance. Less costly than a traditional two knife gate/Y-lateral set-up, Tech Taylor™ Valves are self-actuating, meaning that no air or electricity is required.

  • The best answer for pump isolation.
  • Isolates two or three pumps in parallel.
  • Operates in any orientation.
  • Rugged construction.
  • Proven abrasion resistance
  • Less costly than a traditional 2 knife gate/Y-lateral set-up
  • Self-actuating – no air or electricity is required.

The Tech-Taylor Valves from HMA Flow & Industrial are available in:

  • 75 to 600 psig ratings.
  • 80 mm through 750 mm sizes fabricated from A36 Steel.
  • Cast ductile iron from 80 mm through 250 mm.
  • With hot vulcanised liners including pure gum rubber, chlorobutyl, neoprene, and nitrile.