STM Right Angle Worm Gearbox UMI

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The STM Right Angle Worm Gearbox UMI from HMA Flow & Industrial has been developed specifically to cut down on maintenance costs, thereby improving uptime and efficiency. The outer gear case is in accordance with industry-standard dimensions, meaning it can interchange with common units fitted.

A key differentiator is the use of a non-corrosive input coupling bush. The system that connects the electric motor to the gearbox prevents fretting corrosion, as well as corrosion caused by environmental conditions such as the presence of moisture.

A common problem found in areas such as packing sheds is that the motors are extremely difficult to remove from the input of the gearbox without incurring costly damage to either the motor or the gearbox.

Sizes start at UMI-040, which has a 18 mm output, to UMI-110, which has a 42 mm output. All units are available in hollow outputs or with a single or double output shaft.