Sootblower Engineering Design Review

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HMA Power Generation possesses an in depth knowledge of what is required to return maximum performance from your Sootblowing system. By keeping your system fine-tuned and in peak operational condition, you can expect to see immediate gains in several key areas including:

  • Extended boiler run length
  • Increased boiler output
  • Improved boiler condition
  • Reduced Carbon emissions
  • Reduced steam consumption

Although some of these improvements are not easily quantifiable, HMA Power Generation has the proven track record to return maximum gain on your investment.
The services we can provide include but are not limited to:
Flexible maintenance arrangements

  • Turn-key maintenance contract – Delivering on you KPI requirements
  • Onsite maintenance – Annual routine maintenance schedule
  • Offsite maintenance – As needs basis

Site service and Inspections

  • Walk-down inspections – Full written report
  • Performance review
  • Sequence optimisation
  • System operational parameter tuning

Engineering support

  • Heat transfer improvements
  • Process optimisation
  • Engineering consulting
  • Product Training on both Diamond and other OEM brands
  • Specialised equipment design
  • Diagnostic Equipment hire (Gas temperature, visual and infrared camera systems)