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WEA-DS-0019 SiTech Tiles

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Siliconised Silicon Carbide Tiles (SiTech) from HMA Wear Solutions are used in extremely high wear applications where large areas or monolithic shapes are not suited. SiTech is an advanced siliconised silicon-carbide ceramic. It has an extremely fine grain structure that exhibits zero porosity, without lowering the hardness matrix.

It has a hardness akin to that of the main ceramic particles, thus providing an extremely hard-wearing surface. Dimensional accuracy can be achieved to tight engineering tolerances. Machining and shaping are carried out in the ‘green’ state prior to reacting. There are no dimensional variances during or after reacting, enabling complex shapes to be made accurately.

SiTech from HMA Wear Solutions is ideal for applications where severe sliding abrasion occurs, up to temperatures of 1400°C, and where thermal-shock resistance is important. When SiTech ceramic lining from HMA Wear Solutions is used as an alternative to Basalt/Alumina, the wear life of equipment can be increased significantly, reducing the frequency of replacement, as well as replacement and maintenance costs.


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